Mold Remediation

Basements are where we have seen the most mold growth. Mold likes cold, dark places, so its easy to see why. We first use our meters to test for moisture and fungal growth and then a plan of action is formed from the results. When the entire process is completed, you can rest more comfortably in a mold-free environment, knowing that your family is safe. If you want testing or suspect fungal growth please call or text for a free no obligation estimate.

GTM Cleaning - Mold Remediation

We make sure all Mold is properly removed and bagged under negative air so Mold Spores do not spread
throughout your home or business.

Residential Mold Remediation

This is a Kitchen / Dining room after a pipe break. The kitchen had panel board up half the wall. Fungal growth loves to start in between wet drywall and panel board and works it way up!

GTM Cleaning Services - Mold Testing and Removal

This picture is one of our most common issues in basements and is called a tie rod hole leak. The hole is about the size of a quarter and the water that leaks through leaves a stain on your foundation wall. If the walls are drywalled, the leak will make its way down the walls eventually and wet carpet, baseboards, and drywall are the result. These holes can be one foot to five feet above the ground. It’s not easy to avoid these types of leaks because tie rod holes are often the result of construction of your home. We can use our meters to find the leak, stop the water intrusion, dry the structure and solve any issues the leak has caused. 

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