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Friday, April 12, 2019

Vinyl or brick siding, patios, fencing, wooden decks, concrete driveways, and garage floors are all considered exterior surfaces. Exterior surfaces, whether commercial or residential, are all exposed to outdoor elements daily. These elements begin to build up on these surfaces and make them appear dirty, worn and faded. Thankfully, GTM Cleaning Services can help clean these surfaces up by power washing.

Power washing is one of the many ways to extend the life of your exterior surfaces. It works by pushing a high-pressure stream of water through a narrow hose in order to strip away dirt, oils, mold, and grime. Professionals will also use precise cleaning agent solutions to aid in the process. Power washing on a regular basis will keep surfaces looking their best, extend paint life, and even keep dirt, grime, mold and mildew from making wood rot prematurely.

Some of you may consider purchasing a power washer and taking on the task yourself, but that may not be the best option. Consumer purchased pressure washers cannot run for hours like professional units can. While pressure washing can be one of the most efficient ways to remove dirt and stubborn stains, it can also damage surfaces if it is done improperly. The cleaners used can also damage grass, plants, and other surfaces if they are not controlled.

Our technicians at GTM know the best water pressure, temperature, and cleaning agents to use for every task. We know how to clean and protect every exterior surface. Give GTM Cleaning a call today at 586-232-5609 for an estimate on your power washing project or visit our contact form on our website.



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