Let GTM Spring Clean Your Carpets!

Friday, February 22, 2019

As spring draws near, the thought of all of the snow melting away warms the hearts of many.  However, this doesn’t mean we’re done dealing with the aftermath of Winter. Throughout the season, plenty of road salt has been tracked into your home from outside. While the salt has been great for handling ice control on roads and sidewalks, it isn’t great for your home. This salt tends to build up and become buried in your carpet. This will create an unsanitary environment and will continue to be tracked around from room to room by you, your family, and your pets.

Not only does it create an unsanitary environment, it can actually cause damage to your carpet. You see, the salt mixes with snow and water and leaves a residue that causes more than an unsightly, crusty stain. Road salt has high alkaline content in it, which causes the fibers to break down and permanently damage your carpeting.

Your weekly vacuuming routine won’t defeat the battle of this build up. Taking your shoes off near the door can help with this problem, but it won’t fix the whole problem. If you walk through that high-traffic area without shoes on, the salt will be tracked further through your home.

Call GTM Cleaning Service at 586-209-4302 to help you win the battle over spring cleaning. Our equipment will clean deep enough to get all that road salt right out, and help you protect the investment you made in your carpeting.  Click here to view our specials.

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